20th Anniversary

20 yrs – We’re so proud to say that we’ve been a local Darwin property management agency for 20yrs. Here’s to another 20yrs

We’re celebrating 20 years in business in Darwin!  We like to celebrate birthdays, 1yr work anniversaries and success for our clients.  But we think it’s pretty special that we’ve got to 20yrs in business.

As a family owned and operated business we’re proud to have chalked up 20yrs of serving property investors from all over the country.  Denise Meeking started Absolute Real Estate 20yrs ago as single mum, just to be able to provide for her children (more here about how Denise did it).  Now the three girls, Michelle, Maria and Jacqui are helping Denise manage and operate the business.  Whilst it’s impressive that we’re a market leader, it’s the humble beginnings that we’re most proud of. 

While we always keep our core values and practices unchanged, we’re keenly aware that what’s worked for us at the beginning is not what’s worked for us at 10yrs and then 20yrs down the track.  So, the way Absolute Real Estate looks in another 20yrs will be even better and vastly different.  But, we’ll remain loyal to our values, and nimble in our approach to achieving results for our clients.

What's crucial in staying true to 'who we are' is that we still have the founding members as part of the team:

Absolute Family Members - 20yrs

  • Denise, is still at the helm! 20yrs - well done
  • Maria and Jacqui have also been there since the beginning - Congratulations on 20yrs.
  • Michelle came to the team a little later - congratualtions on 10yrs this year.

So we raise our glasses to another 20yrs, the challenges that lie ahead, and the success we can share together.

And if you’d like to know more about how we’ve achieved results for our clients over such a long period, please call us on (08) 8930 6600 or email us at hello@absolutent.com.au


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