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Top 5 Nationally - LPMA April 2020

We're proud to have achieved a top 5 result, nationally, in April with LPMA.


As part of the LPMA Australia and New Zealand survey of all members, we’ve achieved results that put us in the top 5 agencies for April. 

The survey is sent out to LPMA members on the 10th of each month to collate data that will be used for the LPMA Benchmarking and Recognition program. Benchmarking data is shared back to LPMA members so they are able to benchmark their current Key Performance Indicators (KPI) with other businesses within the LPMA group.

As a result of our April results, we were ranked 4th.  Our team have been working tirelessly over this period to overcome the challenges that COVID-19 presented to our business, and to our clients.  The results here indicate that we’ve performed exceptionally well under the circumstances.

Our landlords and tenants can rest assured that we’ve made the appropriate changes to our business over this period and have continued to operate and high level.

For more information on what this means for Absolute Real Estate and your property, please give Michelle a call in the office on 08 8930 6600 or email her on michelle@absolutent.com.au


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