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About Absolute Real Estate NT

We’re living the dream, as they say!

Absolute Real Estate NT is a local family success story.

Commencing in Real Estate in 1978, our Mum Denise Meeking founded the Absolute enterprise and has operated a highly reputable Real Estate agency by providing some of the highest quality residential Property Management and Property Sales services, making our business acumen, ethics and expertise highly sought after.  

Our primary strength is that we all form part of the business now – her daughters Michelle, Jacqui and Maria – and our focus is to continue the success of Mum’s company.

We have a passionate, fierce and honest approach that strengthens Absolute’s growth, innovation and quality while delivering professionalism with a personal touch.

As a high performing market leader in the property industry of Darwin and greater Darwin, Absolute Real Estate invests heavily in nurturing a passionate-driven team of industry professionals who are experienced, savvy and have a desire to help because they love what they do. This ensures our clientele experience the positive results of our  business philosophy with every contact – “We’re local, we’re solid, and from our standpoint … We just Love Real Estate.”

We are passionate about providing a management model that is unrivaled, combined with a high level of service, communication and expertise that can be raved about.

With over 35 years in the Real Estate, Denise has always had an outstanding reputation for delivering an absolute commitment to owners, tenants and service providers alike. Her extremely high standards united with a meticulous and procedure orientated, professional, caring and specialised approach has been paramount to Absolute Real Estate’s success and growth. Mum has been a great mentor and taught us well and together we continue to practice with integrity and a history of rental success and sales results.

Our family business is one that includes highly respected reputations and years of rental and sales experience. Our commitment is to ensure that we utilise this to encourage loyalty - that our entire team feel part of the family, our clients feel the warmth and results of this - and that our high business standards and culture are reflected and delivered.


With smiles and waving,

Michelle, Jacqui & Maria

About Denise, the founder of Absolute NT

Starting your own business is not for the faint hearted especially for a single parent female however there a many women that start businesses which has a soul purpose to increase the lives of children and family. Denise Meeking is one of those women who is strongly committed to her children and her first priority is family.

A very quiet achiever Denise models integrity and professionalism that many are inspired by including her dedicated daughters who are part Denise's business family and there are also those who have worked for her who are still part of the Absolute Family. Now that says a lot for the way that Denise quietly supports her staff providing for them a secure place of employment training and support.

Having worked in the Real estate industry for many years Denise was given a chance to go it alone, always with her children in mind Denise embraced the opportunity to build a good foundation for her family by being an independent business owner generating a strong income in which to educate her children and to provide for them the very best she could.

It has not always been easy in the Real Estate business there are high highs and low lows but you will not hear complaints from Denise, what you will hear is her assessment of the current industry trends and economic influences that she articulates with passion. Highly resistant to "blowing her own trumpet" Denise works under the radar resisting at all times opportunity to tell her story to enter awards, however you will see  her at all events that support small to medium sized businesses you will see her congratulate the winner, sponsor an event and encourage others to go for it!!!  And even though she has been nominated for many awards including the Telstra Business Woman of the Year she will not enter them, her  team have pushed and encouraged her and she will resist to have the light shine upon her. This is a most endearing aspect of this lovely lady who has a big heart and a great business head.

Independent, physically and mentally fit Denise purchased her own business real estate where her team of fifteen at winnellie are focused on customer service Denise will tell you people are our business we treat them all like family it is the essence of our business.

There is much more to Denise's story which few know but those who work for her along side of her and as part of her Industry know Denise has tenacity and commitment to building a strong business she works long hard hours like all business owners, so as she moves toward a time in her life that she could chill and sit back from her business and leave it to the girls to manage, she laughs what would I do with myself if I didn't have my business that is filled with lovely people and exciting moments, its my family.

Many business owners would agree there is something very special about building your own business especially one that has been your life your family and your community. 

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