Testimonials From Our Clients

Sophie I just wanted to say thankyou to you also. I really can’t fault our experience with yourself and absolute. You have been fantastic with anything we have thrown at you lol. I wish I could have said thanks and see you later in person but wishing you all the very best for the future.

Jill - Facebook Recommendation

I purchased a few investment properties in Sep 19 via Maria Kathopoulis at Absolute. Yeah she's alright. I'd deal with her again. I have been investing in Darwin for over 10 years. To find an agent that is professional, doesn't spin b------t, and knows her stuff is a godsend. I couldn't recommend Maria more highly. The rental team have turned out to be exceptional as well. In particular Sophie. This might be a small family run agency, but in my opinion it smacks the big agencies absolutely.

Trevor - Goolge Review

Rented a property through Kalotina. And she was awesome, responded promptly to maintenance issues and got a 100% refund on the bond. They were fantastic.

Jaz - Google Review

Highly recommend based off from working and dealing with Renee Morrison as our property manager. She was always pleasant to talk to and always happy to assist, however, she can. She was incredibly prompt with responses and when not in office her assistant found a way to assist. Thanks, Absolute!

Rufaro - Facebook Recommendation

Maria was accessible, friendly, responsive and honest. We built rapport very quickly, and I found her to be a real person, not just a sales person. She understood my concerns and addressed them quickly and to my satisfaction, she kept her finger on the pulse to keep me informed and updated with the progress and issues and questions, without making me feel pressured. She is patient and has a nice positive outlook.

Buyer of Unit in Coconut Grove - realestate.com.au

Have rented with absolute for over a year now, Renee has looked after us extremely well I couldn’t recommend her enough! Renee and her team go above and beyond always, never had such a seamless experience with a real estate agent and felt so looked after. wish I could take them wherever we go next.

Ebony - Facebook Recommendation

I was impressed with Maria’s professionalism and realestate knowledge and skills. I was very happy with how my property was managed during the sale and after. I can recommend Maria and the team at Absolute Real Estate to everyone and would certainly engage this team for future property transactions.

Amanda - realestate.com.au

Absolute Real Estate have been one of the best real estates I have ever rented through. Definitely recommend.

Pia - Facebook Recommendation

I would like to personnley thank Maria for her outstanding service in regards to purchasing a property in coconut grove. Maria presented herself in a very professional way and her knowledge and experience is clearly shown and demonstrated throughout the purchasing process once again thank you Maria I highly recommend maria for all realestate enquiries.

Andy - realestate.com.au

Denise is the most inspirational, nurturing, loving and amazing woman I have ever had the honour of growing up with….She has encouraged and guided me through the years and has had a huge impact on my life…..She believed in me and gave me the opportunity to work with her and I have never looked back……By giving me that opportunity, she made me believe in myself and installed in me that you can do anything you wish, all you have to do is try……It made me strong…..… You know what I always say “She showed me where the on button on the computer was “  I truly love her and she deserves all the best in the world


Ohhhh WOW what a great opportunity for such a beautiful lady!! I'm not sure what to say but I can give you what I feel about Denise and if its what your looking for or helpful at all please feel free to use it! Its hard to put into words how much I love her after EVERYTHING she has done for me over the last 7 years but I'll try! xo
I have always be in awe of Denise as I find her to be the most immaculately presented, successful, intelligent, passionate, driven, determined, professional, family driven, caring and heart felt lady I have ever had the privilege of knowing and working under.

In my years working for Denise I have always appreciated her drive for continual education for both herself and us as a team and in saying that I quickly learned that knowledge is power. Denise is always a positive energy and is prompt and enthusiastic to provide us with the tools for success and her emotional support as well as her support as a Director is infallible. Denise has always looked for more ways to give back whether it be for the community, the industry, her staff or her family her heart knows no limits. Its hard to describe a lady with so many amazing qualities and knowing that she has built her real estate agency from the ground up has been the biggest inspiration of all. I have great love and respect for Denise and will always support her journey to be a bigger and better person and believe that she is on top of her game.

Denise is a definite ‘stand out’ in her field; she has amazing compassion & commitment in her working environment.

She would not expect any staff member to do anything in their positions,  that she herself has not already done, or prepared to do. 

She knows real estate and she know her business. 

She strives to give her Owners & Tenants the best possible investment property/rental experience,  offering the latest in technology to do so.

She offers great support & continued training of staff members, in the hope of assisting them in reaching their individual potential.

And……. On top of all of this she is really a very nice person, that I have had the privilege to meet & work alongside.

Kind regards.


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