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Why Choose Absolute?

Haven’t we convinced you already?! 

Our commitment to excellence in service, communication and management is supported by the stable and driven team that forms part of our family business. Our team consistently offers valuable and reliable information, applying their efficiency and knowledge, quickly.  We pride ourselves on being responsive, proactive and forward thinking experts. We have high standards, refined procedures, meticulously positive habits, ongoing training and modern technology. We are qualified, results orientated, professional and caring.

The number of rental properties-managed ratios are customised - taking into account the time needed to effectively match the needs of each owner and property to ensure you are as educated and involved as you want to be, or whether you prefer a hassle free, hands on management style that gives you freedom and flexibility.

Your Property Manager is your main and one point of contact that is experienced, dedicated and responsible for every aspect of your property. But as they can often spend a lot of their day out of the office, you have access to other experienced professionals, administrative back ups, and a management contact that is part of the family business who is familiar with you and your property. Our collective team experience assures you of consistent service, communication and resolution.

Check out the feedback from some of our clients which includes investors and tenants alike.

Buying and Selling

This is BIG

Purchasing property – it’s your wealth creation, financial growth and independence – and it’s a BIG thing that you are experiencing. We realise that. For us, it’s an honour to be part of this process and assist you along the way.

We are no strangers to purchasing properties ourselves, including investment properties. It is with our own personal practices in mind along with over 15 years of local market knowledge and sales that we have refined the process to make it easy and rewarding for you, while ensuring our values of honesty and integrity.

Whether its your first home or sixth property, we will always take the time and put in the effort to ensure you understand the buying process.

We can help answer all your important questions like:


  • What price should I expect to pay?
  • How do I understand the currant property market?
  • How do I think like a buyer and be rational?



  • What price should I ask for my property?
  • What are the expectations of most property buyers
  • How do I understand the current property market
  • How do I think like a buyer and be rational?

Stay tuned for our upcoming FAQ area where we'll provide in-depth information in response to these questions.

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