Amy Darby

Property Manager

And resident goal kicker!

In property management there are no two days that are the same – and this is exciting and incredibly inspiring. Working with all walks of life and looking after their investments gives me constant bursts of achievement that I find very rewarding and fulfilling. I am proud to say that I stay on top of things (including my husband!) and have a high performing portfolio.

Things that are important to me include maintenance, being a team player, learning new skills, building healthy relationships, and doing everything to the best of my vast ability.

I got into Property Management because I have a passion for organisation – and you certainly need to be organised in this industry! Being a renter and an investor I feel I have some awesome experience to offer and this is paramount to my success as a Property Manager.

I love Darwin for the outdoor life style and laid back attitude which gives me every opportunity to wind down and spend time with my family.

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