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Jacqui Kathopoulis

Property Management Department Manager

And Resident Charmer and Calmer

People know me for my solid and gentle communications skills, and my ability to develop strong relationships with clients. They also know me for my big, wide, happy grin and infectious laugh (my sister Michelle made me write that!)

My core strength is problem solving and keeping the peace. This is mainly due to my gentle nature, my experience and the high expectations and standards that I have maintained (not to mention my fabulous, easy going and happy personality of course!)

After almost 20 years of experience as a Property Manager, my role in our family business as Department Manager includes training new team members, ongoing one on one training and coaching, group training, establishing and monitoring procedures and performance. I pride myself on making a difference – not only to our awesome team, but for our clients who have access to their developed expertise and my experience. I have exceptionally high standards. I am approachable, friendly, moral and fair.

I am born and bred in Darwin, and the elder twin (by two and a half minutes) to Maria. Given that we were womb mates (hahaha!) you’d think we’d need some time apart but no … We grew up together, lived together, worked together, and have the same friends. A true indication of what it is like in our family. We are all very close and relish being in each others lives both personally and professionally – basically all the time!

My passion for close relationships includes the friendships that I have with our lifelong friends that are considered family. I love the Darwin lifestyle which is why I have never left! I relish in the outdoors and love fishing &crabbing adventures and going for walks on the beach with my husband Jon, our son Billy and our dog Bynoe – we live in a beautiful, tropical place that we make the most of.

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