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Kalotina Dionysiou 

Property Manager

And Resident Queen of Loquaciousness

Having spent my whole life in the construction industry and property development / property management,  it has given me the opportunity to apply the knowledge I have developed, ensuring that the properties I manage are maintained to a high standard.

After raising three amazing children to semi – independent members of society, I have returned to the industry and I am loving every minute of it! A huge part of what makes this possible for me is the support of the ABSOLUTE amazing team that I am blessed to work with every day!

There are no two days the same, it’s busy and challenging at times but as the old saying goes “team work makes the dream work”.

I pride myself on exceptional interpersonal skills that are borne of my genuine intrigue towards understanding people and an innate compassion for others. I see all people as unique and I strive towards achieving the best outcome for their individual needs.

Being an investor myself, I apply the personal rule to every situation when acting for and on behalf of my owners, by placing myself in their shoes and achieving the best possible outcome acknowledging that more often than not, all circumstances are not black and white.

When I’m not being Mrs Grey, I’m co-parenting (child wrangling) a busy household with a great guy that I am proud to call my husband. We are champion personal Uber drivers getting the kids to and from school, soccer training and games on the weekends. I spend any spare time I have (ha ha) on my pastel artwork that I share with family and friends (at absolutely no risk of outdoing Picasso), giving myself an out from the convention of everyday life.

As a local who was born and bred in Darwin I like to think I know everyone and If I don’t I know, I will eventually so I invite you to temp fate and introduce yourself.

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