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Maria Kathopoulis

Part of the Family Business

Resident Cluttered Desk expert and Uncluttered Mind (apparently!)

I’ve been in Sales and Property Management since 1999. At the risk of sounding clichéd, being a part of this industry still excites me. I get a real buzz out of what I do, and I am motivated by the friendships and relationships that I develop.

Essentially, I see myself as someone who transforms lives by helping people move from one period of their lives to another. As a  people person and someone who values genuine connections, it's what makes it so fulfilling.

Being involved with wealth creation, growth and independence is not something I take for granted, as I am an avid investor too. I have been in Property Management for almost 20 years, and have combined this with many years of sales experience. It has taught me great discipline and attention to detail and also the importance of follow up and communication.

I am born and bred in Darwin, and I am blessed for so many reasons: I love the closeness that I still have with friends that I went to school with, how I know someone everywhere I go, how I enjoy the city and foreshore lifestyle (including soooo many territory BBQs!) Then an hour or two away is a weekend of fishing, crabbing and boating. I am blessed to have worked with my family during this time, and still enjoy seeing them at our weekly family dinners and other social gatherings. It doesn’t get much better than that for me. 

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