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Roy Winter

Leasing Manager

And Secret Weapon

With a strong background with Ford and spare parts, customer service is my strength and passion.

I have been part of Absolute Real Estate since 2004 and have learnt so much about an industry that is so different to what I was used to. I play a part that enables me to be a big point of difference for our company and provide a service that you’re not likely to find elsewhere.

I enjoy my work and meeting people and I get a lot of satisfaction when properties are leased to the people I have shown and suggested the home to them. It is the most rewarding part of the process and I live it every day.

As the Leasing Manager I market and arrange viewings for all our properties that are vacant or becoming vacant. Having access and having the knowledge first hand (as opposed to being a Property Manager aware of only their portfolio of properties) makes it easy for me and easier for our clients. Our times are usually custom arranged and not typically open house appointments. I love to help and helping people find their home means that I will arrange viewings seven days a week if need be and after hours too.

Being part of the family business is exciting, and knowing that I help by making such a difference gives me all the inspiration I need. 

On a personal – I love sports and have been involved in sports my whole life.  I am a golf fanatic, often competing in world amateur competitions. If you cant find me, I’ll be down at the golf club most days at sometime or another!

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