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Tania McKenzie

Property Manager

If I was asked how people see me, they would say that I am a creative, enthusiastic person with a caring nature. Coupled with a robust business acumen and the courage to tell it like it is, I feel I am the ideal person for property management, its needs and challenges. I am humorous (every Property Manager needs to be!), down to earth and people always tell me I have great life stories – which enhances my humbleness and gratitude for  a “people industry” as this makes me more relatable. Give me a camp fire and I’ll tell you some stories! 

As a territory home owner and investor, an experienced property manager and mentor as well as being an active and connected community member, I understand the culture and diversity that goes with the benefits of life in the tropics. I understand the importance of local property and investment knowledge based on decades of experience in the industry.

What motivates me? I strive to achieve the best outcome for both tenants and landlords by managing relationships closely, including local trades and professionals - to deliver sustainable and profitable results for all. I am a high performer that puts emphasis on being available and communicating status, progress and legal requirements.

I thoroughly love my chosen career path and I enjoy the fantastic people I meet every day – many of whom have become long term clients and friends. I have the best job - it’s like everyday is an adventure. Watching and helping people succeed is extremely rewarding for me.

My husband and working age children are as committed to the territory as I am. We all have our own property aspirations and they support me in living out my passion for first class property management in a fantastic place like Darwin.

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