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Tips on advertising your rental property

Watch this video as Michelle shares her tips on how to get the best return on your advertising dollars when advertising your rental property in Darwin.

Michelle shares her tips on how to maximise the return on advertising for your rental property:

Only advertise the property when it is at it's best:

1. The property needs to be empty and ready for professional photos

2. The property needs to be clean

3. The garden needs to be green

4.  Make sure the lawn is mowed; the garden is freshly mulched

5.  Switch the lights on

Properties need to be ready to be inspected - even without much warning!

Start advertising only three days prior to availability.

We used to advertise properties with more lead time - two or even three weeks before they came available for rent, however this is not the case anymore. We've found that with the high volume of advertising on realestate.com.au, the listing of your property ad drops further down the list and is less likely to be seen. So we want to maximise the first week that your property listing advert is online.  We make sure the property is ready to view immediately.  That way when someone rings up having seen your property listing online, the property is available for viewing that afternoon or the next day.  We will have access for the property and we know the property is ready for viewing.  That's the best way to ensure we can show interested parties through as quickly as possible.

Take professional photos

These are a must! You need to ensure your property stands out as it is a very competitive marketplace - including properties that also just look good and present well.  Potential tenants are attracted to what looks best.

All of these tips help us to expose your rental property looking good with professional photos, video tours and even floor plans.

If you'd like to find out more about advertising your rental property, give Michelle a ring on 0427 719 850. 






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