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Realestate.com.au Advertising Explained

Ensure you're up to speed with comparing apples for apples with this short video on what the best Real Estate.com.au Options are for your property investment. Cut through the noise and get to the Truth of the matter with Michelle from Absolute Real Estate NT.


It's absolutely vital to maximise the exposure of your property's advertising on realestate.com.au, domain.com and other popular websites where prospective tenants are looking to find a new rental.

There are three levels on advertising for property listings on realestate.com.au:

1. Premiere Listing - highly recommended

* Essential in an over-supplied market so your listing is at the top of the search results

* Allows you to be seen by more tenants who are searching

* Dominate the page with the biggest ad

* 56% of people searching don't look beyond the first page of search results

2.  Highlight Listing - our most popular option

* Stand out ahead of standard and feature property listings

* Grab attention with photos 4 x the size of the standard ad

3. Standard Listing

* your listing can appear as far back as page 20 on realestate.com.au!

In the current market there could be as many as 1,100 property listings. That is why it is vital to get your property listing seen on online and to stand out.  You have invested in professional photos and videos and now you want to give your property the best chance to be seen. Maximise your advertising investment.


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