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Pool Fencing Compliance

Pool Fencing Compliance is not something that you think of everyday. That’s ok, because we make sure that our Property Managers are thinking about this when they are inspecting your property! We represent you, our owners, so we check on the basic requirements when we are doing inspections, ingoings or outgoings. As an owner, you must ensure that certain requirements are maintained to ensure compliance and we have summarised your responsibilities below for your reference.

Why is this so important?

NT kids are exposed to water and pools at a very young age due to the Territory's heat and outdoor lifestyle. We all tend to spend a lot of time in pools here in Darwin! However children (and adults) may drown in pools and prevention is key. Appropriate measures are needed to ensure this doesn’t happen by kids sneaking into the pool without supervision and drowning.

Pools or spas at rental properties

If you own a rental property that has a pool or spa you must have a compliance certificate for the pool safety barrier in your name before you rent out your property. 

As the owner of a rental property you are responsible for ensuring that your fencing remains compliant, irrespective of the date of the inspection and Compliance Certificate.

You must ensure your pool safety barrier complies with the regulations at all times and that it meets all the conditions included on the compliance certificate including ongoing maintenance and upkeep. Please ensure you respond, act and promptly approve repairs and necessary upgrades provided by tenants or your Property Manager. The liability and potential risk is too grave to ignore.

If you are a investment owner with a pool – ensure that you work with your Property Manager regularly to confirm the compliance of the pool fencing barrier.

While we are not Pool Compliance specialists, here are some of the things we look for when inspecting your property:

  • Gates or child resistant door sets in the pool safety barrier are not propped open.
  • That gates continue to self latch and are maintained and free of rust.
  • No climbable objects located nearby (Legislation specifies 1.2m of the outside of the pool safety barrier when measured from the top of the barrier).
  • No climbable items nearby (Legislation specifies within 30cm of the inside of the pool safety barrier, such as tables, chairs or pot plants.)
  • Damaged fence panels or gaps (Legislation requires that gaps aren't larger than 10cm between the ground and the pool safety barrier)

Please note that we are not pool fencing specialists and do not carry measuring tapes. We utilise the above knowledge to identify to the best of our knowledge, any anomalies that may impact or void the compliance. Our leases do specify the requirements and include this information for tenants.

The NT has a definition for barriers, gates and other considerations, these are called Pool notes and can be found online HERE.

Looking at buying or selling property with pools or spas? The NTG has a comprehensive page on what you need to know or do before selling or buying. More information can be found online HERE.

What happens if we find something or we are uncertain?

We will liaise with the owner and please liaise the pool fencing unit for a free inspection. It’s important to be aware that after an inspection, the owner has a 30-day timeframe to have the restorative works completed. Extensions can be issued but only when works have commenced.

We take this service for our owners very seriously and is treated with urgency due to the risk of potential drownings and the liability involved for all. Failure to cooperate will result in immediate termination of management.

For more information, please contact your Property Manager.



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