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Increased Contractor Fees

We'd like to advise our owners that contractors have raised their fees, and there also is a shortage of building supplies due to diversions to flood affected areas in QLD and NSW.

We'd like to take this opportunity to give a quick update to our our valued owners, with regards to your property maintenance and our trusted contractors. 


Increased Fees

Unfortunately, our contractors have had to raise their fees and prices. This is partly due to the increased fuel prices (as we're all aware of), as well increased costs of materials, building supplies and parts. 


Contractor Delays 

Not only that,  they have been experiencing delays mainly due to extra pressure from COVID related issues - such as businesses being understaffed and various isolations. 

There is a bit of a back log at the moment, but rest assured - they are doing everything in their power to catch up, and are working round the clock. We've got you covered!


Materials and Supplies Diverted to Flood Areas

If increased costs and staff shortages weren't enough - building supplies in short supply! They are harder to source right now, as they are being diverted to Queensland and New South Wales in support of the flood relief and rebuilding efforts. 


Please Bear with Us

On behalf of our contractors and office staff, we'd like to ask for your understanding and patience - please bear with us whilst we try to navigate these 'interesting' times. 


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