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What does the Property Management fee cover and include?

We are proud to represent our owners with a high quality service, focusing on communication, expert level of advice, management of unexpected situations, ensuring your property is well maintained and maximising your income. For more information about fee structure and what this includes, please keep reading. For more information about fee structure and what this includes, please keep reading.

We offer two fee structures with one being a traditional pay-as-you-need basis. This consists of a management fee plus additional service charges. The other incorporates all services for one fee, usually a higher management fee. Refer to your management agreement for further clarification as this will list a contractual detail of service.

The former structure allows you to base your budget on what you may require at the time thus saving the higher fee.

However the all inclusive management fee allows flexibility and the ease of budgeting as it is the same fee charged each week while rent is being received for all services included, even the superior marketing options.

The process of choosing the right Property Manager of your rental property is important to you and that is important to us.  We respect that price is a factor of your decision when looking at fees. We advocate and provide real value for service with consistently high standards of communication, expert property management and points of difference that maximise your income – all services you would expect AND with a personal touch.  To request an appraisal click here

Property management fees are important and we understand you need to compare them to what other agencies are charging. You’ll also need to consider the scope of services provided and the quality of services. Your investment is not without , so while also considering that this is one of your biggest assets, the last thing you want to do is make your decision based solely on price and who charges the lowest fees.

A lower fee may reflect a lower service, or an attempt to gain business by undercutting. The problem with this discounted rate is this possibly leads to minimal margins for that company, which lowers the quantity and quality of the service provided to remain profitable. A big impact of this will be felt when Property Managers are managing too many properties and numbers that they can't handle in a professional manner. The truth is, the management fee is one of the last things of importance - what benefit are low fees if you are receiving a poor job?

The number of rental properties-managed ratios are customised - taking into account the time needed to effectively match the needs of each owner and property to ensure you are as educated and involved as you want to be, with a hands on management or whether you prefer a hassle free style that gives you freedom and flexibility. Our collective team experience assures you of consistent service, communication and resolution.

All that aside, using a Property Manager and the services you can expect, in summary include (but are not limited to):

  • Collecting rent and reconciling rental period
  •  Income and expenditure statements monthly and each financial year
  • Arrears and arrears control – especially if a worst case scenario plays out and there are Notices, Applications, Compensation Orders and Possession Orders
  • Management of untenanted properties resultant of above situations
  • Inspections, coordination of inspections, and projected (or future) maintenance to keep your property to a high and well maintained standard
  • Market research and feedback
  • Lease expiry negotiations
  • Advertising and marketing strategies
  • Dealing with enquiries of vacant properties and matching up data base with prospective tenants
  • Showing of properties - 7 days a week.
  • Video tours of all our vacant properties - inclusive in our management packages.
  • Application process and reference checking
  • Tenancy preparation and documentation including inductions and communications
  • Extensive property condition reports supported by ingoing photos and key management
  • Management of smoke alarm legislation, blinds / curtain requirements, termite inspection and treatments
  • Maintenance, repairs, management of and follow up of – including quotes, feedback, photos and inspection prior to payment for larger jobs
  • Experience and expertise
  • Legislative requirements and knowledge
  • Expert advice

If your package is management fee plus, you will find you are paying a lower price and paying separately for the other charges as needed.

While we are not the cheapest property management agency we are certainly cost effective. We advocate and provide consistent valuable and reliable information, efficiency and knowledge, quickly.  We offer exclusive points of difference that no other agency offers – all designed to minimise vacancy and enhance your income.

We pride ourselves on being responsive, pro-active and forward thinking experts. We have high standards, refined procedures, meticulously positive habits, ongoing training and modern technology. We are qualified, results orientated, professional and caring.


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