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Checklist for Wet Season cleaning preparations

It's October End Of Month, and another timely reminder ... for Spring Cleaning.

The term Spring Cleaning has evolved over time from being a tidy up around the home to being a metaphor for life. It's become more of a calendar reminder than a literal concept.  Darwin doesn't have Spring - however with the departure of our Dry Season and the onset to the Wet Season (storm season) it is a timely, annual reminder for our Investors.

Ensure you are checking photos and reading through the recommendations on your inspection reports.

Trim back trees with overhanging branches, or trees growing too close to the property or fences.
While generally the lawns and gardens are a tenants responsibility, bigger trees and shrubs are not. Ensure they are trimmed and not presenting potential injury or damage.
Clear out gutters to prevent roof leaks and water leaking into your property internally. A plumber or handyman/builder can do this.
Pressure clean external paths and entertainment areas to prevent from being a slip hazard for your tenants and their guests. Your Property Manager will advise your tenant of this too but please be aware this generally falls under maintenance.

We recommend all property investors to annually review the condition of their properties and assess maintenance for the season ahead, projected maintenance, upgrades, budget and time frame.  And if you have a furnished property, the New Year will tend to bring the next influx of activity for this type of accommodation. Let us help you plan for it.

  • Maintenance such as painting, upgrading discoloured cisterns, points and switches.
  • Updated furnishings such as replacing mattresses, couches, rugs or new window furnishings will refresh your property.
  • Replace equipment like pots & pans and other cookery. Ensure your basics are minimal and matched and not a storage container for old cutlery & crockery.

Keeping your Property in good condition will ensure it looks fresh and appealing for future tenants while maximising your income and asset.

  • EXTERNALLY, the property exterior is something that is usually over looked. Washing the exterior of the property is the responsibility of the landlord. We recommend that it is a good practice to wash down the exterior annually or at least in between tenancies. The build up of dust on the exterior really takes the shine off it.

Building and Termite inspections: We also remind you the importance of termite inspections & termite perimeter recharging as well as Building Inspections.

Your Property Manager conducts periodical inspections on your property during the year and while our experience and visual inspections assist in identifying concerns, your Property Manager is not a qualified termite inspector or building inspector. There may be a chance that they could miss the early signs of termite infestation or timber erosion.  It is a more cost effective alternative for termite treatment than a liability claim from a tenant.  Please let us know if we are able to assist and facilitate this for you.


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