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0 Days on Market - A Case Study

That’s right, we’re renting properties before they go to market. To find out how, click here.

We’re celebrating 0 days on market!

That’s right! As the tenant was leaving a new tenant was found, screened and approved before the current tenant moved out.  Of course we’ve had to do an inspection so there will always be days where the property must be vacant.  But with the right people in place, your rental doesn’t have to sit there for months, empty and racking up an advertising bill. 


Case Study

The story behind this one, is that the friend of the tenant found out the tenant was leaving and approached us to lease the property once the tenant had left.  We conducted the due diligence, received approval from the owner, and had the bond paid 6 weeks prior to the end of the lease.  This is unlikely to happen too often, but our team is on the look out for opportunities like these to reduce risk for our owners and maximise their ROI. 


Not An Isolated Case Study

But its not the only one. In November 2019 alone, have leased 6 without advertising. Currently, we are leasing 14% of our properties without advertising – mainly due to:

  1. Our Soon To Be Listed vacancy list exclusive to our website,
  2. Tenants referring other tenants to us, and
  3. Tenants' friends moving in when they move out

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