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3D Floor Plans – the cream on your advertising cake

There are some great reasons you should make a 3D floorplan part of your real estate marketing. Your Darwin property needs every advantage over the other properties.

3D floor plans are an important value add to your advertising tool kit because most buyers and tenants want to first know the total square meterage under the roof of the property. 

Listen to Yannis' first hand experience on the benefits of a 3D Floorplan for buyers, and therefore for your property.


In addition, they want to know the dimensions of each room so they can better ‘see’ where their furniture well go.  That visualisation is crucial in gaining an emotional ‘buy-in’ for the buyer as they start to imagine themselves in the property.

We’ve also found that 3D floorplans get children engaged and better accustomed to your property. They often memorize the 3D floor plans and before the second viewing they have for the most part memorized the 3D floor plan and decided which room is going to be theirs.


During viewings, it’s amazing to witness children stating to their parents, “Dad I’ll meet you in Bedroom 3.” It's comments like these that let us know that they’re going very interested in your property!

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