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A Gift to Property Manager Amy Rodricks

In case anyone was wondering how amazing Amy Rodricks is, here is a unique and fantastic poem to her from one of our valued clients.

To My Property Manager AMY RODRICK




So grateful to you

For all that you do

Intuition that’s strong

Attune to what’s wrong


Doing what’s right

A radiant light

Wisdom that flows

Wherever you go


Kindness running deep

Never missing a beat

A heart of treasure

Beyond all measure


Offering trust and respect

Expecting the best

A warm nature that shares

Promoting balanced care


Action that’s swift

No doubt or drift

A stable foundation

Of good organization


Amiable and reliable

Gracious admirable

Harmonious and calm

Friendly full of charm


Sound interaction

With customer satisfaction

Strategic thinking

Trouble shooting without blinking


Energetic for service

Reaching forward with purpose

Valuing others

Relationship matters


Excellent follow through

In all that you do

Professionally aware

Just and fair


It’s time to rejoice

Amy’s my choice

A bright shining pearl

A gift to this world


Sue Lamont



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