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Absolute Real Estate NT - Handy Tips

Living in the Tropics comes with it's own set of issues that you may not know how to handle. So we have compiled some handy tips to help you along the way.

Handy Tips

To prevent any possible rodent ????????or particularly possum problems in your roof, throw some moth balls all through the roof cavity from they manhole. They don’t like the naphthalene. Denise swears by this one!
Remove garlic and onion smells from your cutting board by rubbing with a cut lemon - this works great for wooden chopping boards!
Use Baking soda on a damp sponge to remove built up grease in ovens, on splash backs etc. We learn heaps managing properties that we can share!
Instead of throwing out the NT News at the end of the day, wet the newspaper sheets and put layers around your plants and garden bed, covering with soil as you go. The weeds wont be able to get through the wet newspaper layers.
If a child has trouble holding a glass, wrap several elastic bands around the entire glass at intervals, this will make it easier to grip.
For spilt wax on carpet, use a brown paper bag as a blotter and run a hot iron over, which will absorb the wax.
For carved furniture, brush using an old toothbrush and furniture polish to reach carved areas easily.


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