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4 Mould Tips To Get Through The Build Up And Wet?

Mould is a problem that often has more questions than answers, especially when it appears in a rental property. Of course, in humid climates like we have here in Darwin, mould can appear quite frequently and cause headaches for property managers and tenants alike.

Mould isn’t just unsightly, inconvenient and a pain to clean - it can also cause a variety of health problems for those occupying the household.

Mould can be caused by Darwin’s seasonal humidity and can even appear on the ceiling due an air conditioner running cooler in the apartment above.

We work with both tenants and owners in addressing this issue when it arises, but there are some handy tips to know to avoid it all together! We have compiled a list of 4 hot tips for you to follow so you can make mould in your household a problem of the past.

4 Mould Removal Tips:

  1. Mould cannot grow without moisture, so try your best to dry wet areas right away! Whether this is a leaky pipe, or even rain seeping through a window, your best chance of getting rid of mould is to make sure mould doesn’t appear, and to dry the affected area as soon as possible. You may notice sometimes, when we get rain for days and days, that everything seems damp! Running an air conditioner will reduce the humidity in the room too. Place DampRid in your cupboards, walk in robes, or rooms with carpet – they collect moisture from the air.
  2. Have your roof gutters been cleaned recently? Your mould problem may be the result of damaged or full gutters. We get our fair share of storms during the wet season and gutters need to be cleared annually, at least. This is to ensure the water from the roof flows off the house and so that water doesn’t sit there. We arrange for gutters to be cleaned at the end of the dry season and ask our tenants to keep an eye out for water stains after storms as this is usually a tell-tale sign of a roof leak.
  3. Keep your fans on during the wet! This is by far the easiest prevention! Keep a fan or two on – especially in areas that are prone to moisture. Keeping the air circulating will keep rooms or areas dryer and prevent mould from forming. Optimize the circulation of air in your home opening doors between rooms. If you’re leaving for a few days, open up your wardrobes and cupboards as well as moving your furniture away from the corners of the room – this all assists with keeping air circulating. 
  4. Our Property Managers have a unique tip! They buy Oil of Clove and place a few drops in a small container. They pull out the drawers in the house and places the small container with drops in it behind the drawers to stop the damp and musty smell.
  5.  What’s best to use to clean off Mould? Use Oil of Clove - this  removes mould by actually killing the spores, not just bleaching and hiding it. We also have access to cleaners that specialise in mould cleaning for inaccessible surfaces. If in doubt, just give us a call – we are here to help, keep you safe and look after your property.


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You can contact us at (08) 8930 6600 or contact your Property Manager to discuss any problems you may be having with mould whether you are a homeowner or tenant. We look forward to working with you and kissing your mould misery goodbye!


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