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Food Drive 2019

Thank you to all those that dropped off food to our office to support the Food Bank, Christmas Food Drive.



Thank you to all those that supported our Food Bank, Christmas Food Drive.


In collaboration with local primary school, Parap Primary School, Absolute Real Estate NT conducted their annual Christmas ‘Food bank’ drive – installing food collection tubs both at the school and in our business.

We put the call out to our community; our tenants, contractors and landlords inviting you to generously donate non-perishable items to our Food bank drive.

We thank those who are part of the Absolute Real Estate community for contributing to the food drive and supporting those less fortunate. 

Have a great Christmas.


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Locations for drop off


We can accept

  • Short coded product
  • Excess product
  • Product not meeting retailer specification
  • Discontinued product
  • Product requiring relabelling
  • Under or over weight product
  • Private label product
  • New product lines or promotions which didn’t take off
  • Product withdrawals if they’re still fit for use


We can’t accept

  • Regulated products such as alcohol, tobacco or drugs of dependence
  • Product past its use by date
  • Product more than 6 months past its best before date
  • Product where the packaging seal has been broken
  • Mouldy or rotting product
  • Product where the cold chain has not been maintained
  • Product subject to a safety recall
  • Unlabelled product provided without ingredient details

For any questions please contact the office on:

(08) 8930 6600




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