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Important things to do before leaving Darwin for the festive season.

Updated Nov 2021. As we approach the festive season there are a few things that owners and tenants need to know about, to keep your property in tip top shape.

Updated November 2021


Holiday Opening Times & Emergency Numbers

The Absolute Real Estate Offices opening hours for the 2021/22 holiday season are below:

  • Closing: Friday 24 December 2021 at Midday
  • Re-opening: Thursday 6th January 2022
  • Emergency Contact08 8930 6600


Cyclone Season

Coming into this time of year, there is the possibility of cyclones. Here is an information pack on how to ensure the property is prepared and secured, especially if you are going away.

cyclone Information



Smoke alarms

If you are going away over the festive season – please replace the batteries in your smoke alarms.

There are many occurrences during this time of year smoke alarms going off continuously, echoing around the property, causing stress and discomfort to the people in surrounding units / houses.  This has sometimes resulted in the fire brigade being called to these properties at a cost of $854 per callout. 

Please note that if the callout is because of a faulty smoke detector in the unit, the owner will be billed for this callout – otherwise, the bill will go to the tenant.


Many contractors are away during the festive season and school holidays. This can impact attendance levels & supply of parts for 4-6 weeks during this time of year. Proactive maintenance is recommended to avoid a delay as there are minimal contractors available.


Unfortunately, at this time of year, mould is a major concern. It is a good idea to open up any cupboards or wardrobes and leave your fans running if you are going away over this break. Check out our article on mould for more information

Pool Maintenance

Excessive rain will change the chemical levels in your pool and so these need to be maintained. If you are a tenant in a property with a pool, it is your responsibility to maintain it. If you're away and need some help, here is some information on how to do that and details of contractors. 

In Vacant Properties

Ensure that there are enough funds in your mortgage account for mortgage payments – particularly as we near mid-December.

We will continue to hold viewings of vacant properties over this period. Please ensure that the electricity is on at your vacant property, this allows us to show your property in comfort by switching on fans and usually one air con in the living area.

Please note with applications, owners may need to consider making decisions without every reference to secure a lease. Outgoings will continue to be completed to comply with legislation.  

There will be a Property Manager on duty to attend to any emergency matters, please call the office on  08 8930 6600 in case of an emergency.


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