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Keeping the grass green in the Dry

Even though we're in the Dry, don't forget to keep your garden and lawn watered.

During the Dry Season your lawns, garden beds and native plants have to deal with six to seven months of no rain at all, so it is important to know how to keep them healthy without over watering.  When setting the watering schedules for your irrigation system zones, consider what plant types you are watering and follow the 3, 2, 1 Guide: 

3: Water LAWN three times a week.

2: Water your GARDEN twice a week.

1: Water NATIVE PLANTS just once a week or less


It’s best to try to water after 8pm and before 6am to avoid evaporation during the heat of the day.

Great gardens need great irrigation schedules. Irrigation scheduling is mainly about two things:

·      Wetting the right depth of soil

·      Watering at the right frequency

More water doesn’t mean a better garden. If you water too frequently your plants will be shallow rooted and nutrients will be washed away. Even if you put lots of water on every day, roots will not grow deep and will only be able to access a small amount of groundwater and nutrients.

Different plant types need different amounts of water at different intervals. If you're planning your garden, or putting in new plants, think about grouping your plants according to how much water they need.  You can then set up you irrigation into zones so that you can water each group of plants just the right amount according to their needs.  

For further tips on looking after your garden in the Dry, visit Living Water Smart.


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