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Living Water Smart Rebates

Living water smart is a scheme that closed on the 31st December 2016. However, some new rebates and new suppliers of rebates will be open until the end of March. The idea behind the scheme is to save 10 Gigalitres or 10,000 million litres of water over five years.

Living Water Smart was organized by Power and water to help reduce costs and water usage for owners by providing water efficiency advice, incentives and constant support. 

Its quite a simple project and easy to understand. It all starts with a simple initial water audit where the property will be assessed to see how water efficient it is and how the water is used through out the house. After this is completed the owners or the residents of the house will receive a report outlining different ways they would be able to save water. If this includes gardens then you may be eligible to receive garden services from an irrigation specialist. 
Recently, there has been a few changes to the Living Water Smart Scheme which include the following: 
Coverage of Rebate : WATER LEAKS that are causing the water meter to tick over constantly. (example: running taps, running toilets, broken water pipes & leaking HWS)

What does this mean for owners? If a WATER LEAK is detected at one of your properties - Owners are now able to receive up to $200 off invoice total.

How to get the process started: 

  • When sending through work-orders for LEAKS only, also attach a signed copy of the Customer Registration form (attached). Please note your  Property Managers are able to sign on your behalf. 
  • The organized contractor will attend and repair the leak.
  • An invoice shall be sent to you, minus the $200 rebate. 


  •  If the works are below the $200 your invoice will state $0 owed 

?Please note: You will not need to fill in the meter size or number on the application as the contractor will be to fill out this information when they are on site.

Any resident in the Darwin Region can apply to become involved. Living Water Smart will also be inviting water users to participate in the initiative. Water saving opportunities and rebates will be identified and tailored to your household and Living Water Smart will provide assistance to engage appropriate contractors, such as plumbers and garden irrigation specialists.
For any plumbing questions or queries, please contact Approved Plumbing
You can also head over to the website for Living Water Scheme for more information regarding this scheme or to register. You can also contact your Property Manager for further information. 


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