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NT Pet Legislation Changes - What You Need To Know

There's been some drastic changes to the NT Tenancies Act. Find out what the implications are for you.

You've probably heard by now that there have been some changes to the NT Tenancies act that ensures tenants can have a pet.  What does this mean for you?

At Absolute Real Estate NT we'd like to provide you with the most up-to-date information.  Here's number of links for more on the changes:

REINT Information

NT News Article 24 February 2020.

NT News Article 19 February 2020.

Absolute Real Estate believes that the changes are not in line with the recommendations from the Legislation Scrutiny Committee. If you're unhappy with the changes then you can sign a petition to have them repealed here (note the petition closes on the 18th of March).

Whilst the changes may not be ones that have been advised by industry, we'd like to acknowledge that many tenants in the NT do have pets, and many owners allow pets already.  By allowing pets a landlord opens up their opportunities of finding the best tenants.  And in the current tight market, finding an excellent tenant is crucial.  At Absolute Real Estate we will continue to conduct thorough inspections to ensure that any damage is reported and tenants maintain the property.  There is no escape for a tenant allowing a pet to damage the property.

And of course we'll continue to encourage landlords to approve applicants based on the merit of their applications.  This will not change.  Landlords still have the power to approve the applicant that is most appropriate for their property.

Stay tuned for what this means for applicants and what this means if tenants apply mid tenancy. We are rolling out this new information to our team, our clients and applicants to come your way soon.

If you have any other questions, please call Michelle, 08 8930 6600 or drop her an email michelle@absolutent.com.au.


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