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Prepare your Property for the Cyclone Season

Updated Jan 2022. The BOM is predicting a 57% chance of more cyclones in northern Australia, so now is the time to prep your property. Below are some helpful tips on how to make sure you are prepared, and keep y our cyclone kits updated.


During the Darwin Wet Season cyclones can develop at any time. Below are some tips to protect your residence against cyclone damage and ensure the best possible community safety.

If you are going away, prepare as you would if there was a cyclone warning in place.


Your 2022 Cyclone Kit. What you will need:

  • A cloth face mask or multiple disposable masks, hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes
  • In the event of a major cyclone it is recommended that you have sufficient water and non-perishable food for each member of your family for 3 days. Don’t forget your pet’s food
  • Keep any essential medication with you, stored in a water proof bag
  • First aid kit stored in waterproof bag
  • Insect repellent
  • Toiletries including toilet paper
  • Disinfectant
  • Basic tool kit
  • Torches & additional batteries
  • Candles & matches
  • Battery operated radio & additional batteries
  • Esky – with ice
  • Plastic cups, plates & utensils
  • Plastic sheet or tarp with ropes
  • Keep sensible clothing nearby - covered shoes, a sweater, jeans , wet weather gear
  • Cash 
How to Look after your Cyclone Kit:
  • store your kit in a dry area of your household that is easily accessible without electricity
  • make sure every member of your household knows where the kit is stored
  • check the contents of your kit at least once a year to ensure items still work and consumables have not past their use-by date
  • batteries have expiry dates, water does go stale and non-perishables will perish over a period of time
  • a household emergency kit can also double as a camping kit
  • stock your kit at the beginning of the wet season and use it in the dry season each year.


Going on holidays or Cyclone Warning called?

  • Balcony – Move all furniture and plants inside or ensure everything is securely tied down
  • Secure all doors and windows
  • Turn off all electrical equipment that operates on standby at the power point or at the power board. This includes air conditioning units, TV, dish washers, and gas bottles
  • Turn off the hot water system
  • Turn off washing machine taps
  • If your residence has a yard, clear all garden furniture and vegetation debris
  • Secure all important documents in plastic bags/waterproof containers 


Where to shelter?

  • Most properties in Darwin are built to the highest possible cyclone rating
  • If you have any safety concerns, check where the public shelters are and make an evacuation plan now
  • For advice on when public shelters open, check local radio stations for updates
  • Shelter away from windows
  • Make sure your cyclone kit is close by
  • Check the local radio stations for updates: ABC Radio- 105.7 – the is the official radio station
  • Do not leave your safe area during the lull as the cyclone eye passes
  • Heed all advice from local authorities 


Cyclone Categories


Please note that the descriptions of damage are indicative only. Damage will vary due to factors such as building standards, flooding, etc. On occasion, central pressures in official warnings may vary from those in this table. (Information provided by the Bureau of Meteorology)


Important numbers:




Bureau of Meteorology: 1300 659 211 www.bom.gov.au/nt

POWER WATER Emergencies – 1800 245 090 Updates - 1800 245 092


To learn more about pre-wet season maintenance, click here.


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