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Should electricity be connected in between tenancies?

Updated Jan 2021. Definitely, the power should be connected while the property is vacant. When the tenant vacates, they will have the power disconnected. The power is needed for the reticulation, the pool or spa filtration, smoke alarms and security systems. Power is also needed should the property need any maintenance or cleaning.

It is imperative that prospective tenants are viewing the property when it is presented in a clean condition, with the fans and air conditioning turned on,  to have the property looking its best and as cool as possible. 

This helps promote the standards we want the tenants to maintain;  and the more inviting and welcoming the property, the more inclined the prospects are to feel good about it and consequently apply and make this their new home,

There is a $122 non refundable charge to Jacana Energy for the connection, and $92 for the disconnection.  It is not transferable to the next tenant.  They too will need to apply to connect. Don't rely on the tenant to do so and remember to disconnect from your name when the property is leased.

Ideally, the owner should arrange for connection when they are advised of their tenant's intention to vacate, so it is booked in and the power remains connected when the tenants' disconnect.

Your team at Absolute can attend to this if required, and would do this as a part of the process of the tenant vacating.  Funds need to be in the trust account to cover the connection, daily charge and the usage.

Owners are advised to discuss this with their Property Manager should they have further queries.


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