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Tips for maximising your open inspection

Watch this short video as Michelle shares her tips to get the best out of your rental property inspection


MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR OPEN INSPECTION should include that presenting the property with lights, air cons etc., gardens mowed, pools clear and being available to view at a moments notice will enable prospective people to view it quickly and add this to their shortlist quickly – and hopefully fall in love with it before they get to see (or need to see) too many more properties. Getting prospective people through quickly increasing our chances of renting the property in a better timeframe and making it home for someone sooner rather than later. –they wont want to miss out on it.

Michelle shares her top tips to make sure that you maximise your rental property open inspection. There are many reasons for wanting to make sure you present your rental property in the best light at the open inspection.  

Here are her top tips:

1. Ensure the electricity is on

2. Switch the lights on 

3. Switch the fans on

4. Put the air conditioning on

5. Mow the gardens

6. Clean the pool

But before tenants can view the property they need to be enticed to view the property. This can be done by setting the right price and making sure the marketing of the property includes professional photos of the property looking its best. This will ensures people see the property and its features looking their best so that it goes to the top of their short list - and not be remembered for what ISN'T done, or needs doing at a property.  

There are also other tips for your property before the inspection including setting the right price for your property.  This will ensure you are giving the property the best chance to be viewed by potential tenants as they don't want to miss seeing a gorgeous property that is well marketed, well presented and ready to move into.

A final point to remember is to make sure the property is available to view at a moment's notice. This will allow prospective tenants to have a look around and fall in LOVE with your property before seeing too many options and perhaps missing out on your property.  Getting prospective tenants through quickly increases our chance of renting the property in a better timeframe and making it home for someone sooner rather than later - they won't want to miss out!

These may all seem like little things but they will ensure that the whole viewing experience is a positive one - right through from prospective tenants seeing the property online through to the actual property viewing in a comfortable and pleasant environment.  

It will also enable the process to be more efficient and most importantly - allow the tenant the best chance to see themselves in the property, see the property at it's best and ultimately to increase the chances of property applications. 




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