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Tips for presenting your rental property

From the marketing of a property through to the presentation of a property, it all needs to be on point to ensure the best result.

Tips for presenting your property

When marketing a rental property, the marketing needs to be “on point” because you’re not only competing not only competing with a number of properties, you’re also competing with the presentation of properties.

So what do we mean by on point marketing?  Here are Michelle’s top tips:

1.Professional photos

Getting professional photos of your rental property will make sure the property is seen at it’s best and will have the opportunity to attract the most attention and ultimately the best tenant

2. Floor plans

Lots of sales properties advertise with floor plans but it’s not often rental properties do too and by having a floor plan, your rental property is sure to stand out

3. Videos

If you can, include video as this gives give people an idea of layout before stepping in foot in the property

4. Marketing

You need a top level of exposure to stand out  - for example using a premiere property listing on www.realestate.com.au will be the best to stand out and get maximum exposure for your rental

From making sure the property is presented at its best, to the marketing, it all needs to be on point to ensure your rental is presented at its best. If you have any questions about how Absolute can help your property stand out, call Michelle on 0427 719 850.



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