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Wet Season Pool Maintenance

Do you have a Pool or Spa in Darwin? Here's What You Need To Know About Maintaining it During the Wet Season.


We’ve recently had A LOT of rain in Darwin, and it’s still coming!

If you have a pool or spa you’ve probably had it overflowing and turning green. This is due to significant amount of water filling your spa or pool and unbalancing the ph, chlorine and salt levels.


Chlorine spas or pools

Require more regular attendance and balancing. Depending on the amount of rain this is usually every 7 – 10 days. The more rain, the earlier the chlorine will deplete and the sooner they turn green.


Salt water pools

The beauty about salt water pools is less maintenance –  monthly servicing (cleaning and balancing). The high levels of rain means your pool is probably overfilling and turning the pool green too.

Salt is slow released and converted in chlorine in salt water pools. Similarly, the chlorine levels will be affected because the salt water is being washed out of the pools when it is overfilled with rain/fresh water.


Vacant Properties with a Pool

For landlords with vacant properties with a pool, be assured we are visiting and checking on your spa or pool during this time. Most properties have pool companies engaged to regularly attend during vacancies. If we notice pools are turning green we call them to service sooner. Please note that pool water can turn quickly.


Tenants with a Pool

For tenants with a pool: are you aware that all this rain is turning pool water green? For the many new comers to Darwin – it’s possible that you may not be expecting your pool water to turn so quickly, and it usually does. Why? Because they're losing all their chemicals.


What if it goes green?

What happens if your pool or spa goes green? The quicker you're on to it, the better.  If it goes green-green, the water will have emptied and refilled – which is an expensive exercise.

If you’re across maintaining you pool, keep an eye on the chlorine levels and keep the filter going a little bit longer than normal to filter out that water.

After it's clear, make sure those pH levels are right because even though it's clear, doesn't necessarily mean it's pH balanced. Beware high levels of chlorine can dangerous to the pool because it can “eat” into the grout around tiles causing them to lift and resulting in damage. Or worse still, it can affect people swimming in it, causing skin or eye irritations or problems.


Call our Contractors

What do you do if you aren’t confident about maintaining the pool/spa yourself? Especially after this weather? We recommend calling our preferred pool contractors:




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