With the wet season coming - what maintenance does your property need?

The wet season is coming – although you may be forgiven for thinking it is already here with the amount of rain we have had! As an Owner there are items to consider doing at your property at this time of year.

AIR CONS:  This is good time look at annual servicing of air conditioners. Regular servicing will lengthen the lifetime of the air con unit, keep electricity costs lowered as the unit will not be working as hard to keep cool, and it is a proactive action in ensuring tenants remain cool and not inconvenienced. Costs can be as low at $100 per unit.

GARDENING: It’s a good time of year to consider the pruning and thinning of large plants around your gardens prior to the real onset of the wet season. 

We work with a number of gardeners that can attend for overall garden trim back and tidy – and report and any irrigation issues to ensure the reticulation is maintained during the wet (yes, this is necessary too, to prevent wearing and leaks).

GUTTERS: Don’t forget to arrange for gutters to be cleared of leaf debris. Failure to do so can cause the rainwater to build up in the gutters and cause roof leaks.

VACANCIES: Properties available for lease during the final months of the year are susceptible to extended vacancies due to an oversupply of property on the market, and a reduction in market activity at this time of year. To ensure that we can minimise your vacancy and maximise your income – please ensure that property upgrades and refurbishments are considered to maintain your property at a high standard and comparable to other properties on the market. You may want to consider bathroom and kitchen refurbishments, tile and grout cleaning, replacing discoloured and aging fans and electrical switches that have yellowed, consider some painting to life the presentation, replacement of appliances, re-laminating kitchen cupboard edges … We can project a maintenance plan and upgrades list for your consideration – have you read your inspection reports lately and discussed this with your Property Manager?

Please let your property manager know if you wish to arrange any of the above, or if we can help with obtaining some quotes.

Michelle Kathopoulis


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