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Your Territory Green Guide Part 2

We hope you enjoyed Part One of the Your Territory Green Guide blog. Incase you missed it, Power and Water NT have recently released Your Territory Green Guide. The Guide provides you with useful tips and tricks to help your family reduce household costs.

During Part Two, we are going to take you through the key takeaways revolving around your laundry, bathroom and garden.


Firstly, it’s extremely important to limit your shower time. You should ensure your showers are a maximum for 4 minutes. Install a water efficient shower head and flow restrictors on your taps.

When it comes to using the toilet, use the half flush when appropriate.


Your washing machine and dryer can contribute to a huge chunk of your power bill.  You should upgrade to a front-loading washing machine as they are more water and energy efficient than top loaders. You should also use the economy cycle and cold wash as often as possible.

Coming into the dry season, dry your clothes in the sun. There will be no last-minute rush to get them off the line when the rain starts and bonus - it’s free!


During the Wet Season, use rainwater to your full advantage. Rainwater can be used for a range of purposes around the house including watering the garden, washing cars and boats and filling the pool, particularly during times of low rainfall. A rainwater tank can also be plumbed into your house and be used for flushing the toilet and filling your washing machine.

Here’s another handy tip - wash cars, boats and bikes on the lawn so that the grass is watered at the same time.

Did you know that if you water your garden during the day, you can lose as much as 50% of the water through evaporation and risk burning your plants? To avoid this, water your garden between 8pm and 8am.

Also, choose local native plants. They have survived this harsh environment through adaption, and which means they often need less water. Need some advice about plants to suit your Territory garden? Contact Estelle from Allora Gardens Nursery.

For more helpful tips on becoming green in the NT, download Power and Water’s Your Territory Guide here.


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