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A quick reminder for our valued tenants:

A quick reminder for our valued tenants: If you are going away over the festive season – please replace the batteries in your smoke alarms. There are many occurrences during this time of smoke alarms going off continuously, echoing around the property, causing stress and discomfort to the people in surrounding units / houses. This has sometimes resulted in the fire brigade being called to these properties at a cost of $854 per callout. Please note that if the callout is because of a faulty smoke detector in the unit the owner will be billed for this callout – otherwise, however, the bill will go to you. If our office is called out, or an electrician is called out, you will be billed for this callout. To avoid this, the batteries in each detector need to be replaced. Our best wishes to you all, and your families, for a safe and very HAPPY festive season.


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