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December!? Already?

As we approach the festive season there are always a few things to be mindful of: Wet weather, storms, tenants on holidays and leaving your properties empty for a few weeks, vacant properties, smoke alarms going off, roof leaks etc. Lots to think about!

Cyclone information
We have emailed all tenants with a cyclone preparation and information pack – how to ensure the property is prepared and secured, especially if they are going away.

Smoke alarms
Your tenants have been advised to replace batteries if they are going away to prevent them from going off,  annoying neighbours, or resulting in after hour call outs.

Repairs (especially ovens, stove tops, air conditioners, etc)
Many contractors are away for up to 4-6 weeks during this time. Pro active maintenance is recommended to avoid a delay as there are minimal contractors available.

Vacant Properties
Ensure that there are enough funds in your mortgage account for mortgage payments – particularly as we near closer to mid December.

Please ensure that the electricity is on at your vacant property: 
This allows us to show your property in comfort by switching on fans and usually one air con in the living area. 
Fans will be left to prevent mould build up during a typically wet time of year. 

Smoke alarms run off the battery where there is no electricity.  
Smoke alarm batteries will need to be replaced while vacant to prevent after hour call outs during this time.

Owner funds 
Mid month payout will Thursday December 15.
End of month payout will be Friday December 30.

Office closure
We will close our office from midday Friday, December 23.
We will re-open on Tuesday, January 3.

Although we will be closed, a smaller number of our team will still be working. 
We will conduct showings of our vacant properties, process applications, prepare new leases and be ready to have new tenancies commence. 
Please note with applications, owners may need to make decisions without every reference to secure a lease.
Outgoings will be completed to comply with legislation.  

There will be a Property Manager on duty to attend to any emergency matters.

Thank you
We value the pleasure of working with you again next year.
Our best wishes to you all, and your families, for a safe and very HAPPY festive season. 


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