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Terri Scheer Landlord Insurance Update

Is your rental property really protected? Don’t risk being entirely out of pocket from situations you can’t control. Consider investing in Landlord Insurance and have the peace of mind knowing your rental property is protected.

Terri Scheer is Australia's leading specialist for Landlord insurance. They were the winner for Landlord Insurance at the Property Investors Awards 2018.

Terri Scheer Landlord Insurance covers you for tenant-related risks including loss of rent due to a tenant breaking their lease or being evicted, or damage caused to your contents by tenants, like drink spills on carpets.

Other insurance may not cover these events, and very often, the bond won’t be enough to cover the associated costs.

There have been some significant updates to the Landlord Insurance to add more value to the policy. Let us guide you through the critical policy updates.

  • You are now covered for up to 20 weeks if tenants break or abandon the lease and fail to pay rent.
  • You are also now covered up to 20 weeks when going through the Increase for Warrant of Possession process. ?
  • Damage to your floating Timber Floorboards is now covered for up to $60,000.
  • If there are multiple damages done to your rental property, all damage is now grouped together with one excess of only $500.
  • If the Fire or Police department have to break into your property and cause damage, the event is covered under their policy with a $0 excess
  • You will have access to Rent Reduction/Compensation Cover for up to 6 weeks if your tenant remains in the property at a reduced rent.

Find out more or get a quote for Terri Cheer’s Landlord Insurance here. Or, contact your Property Manager


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