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6 Tips: How to win your Tenancy Application

After living in my own home, being an investor and being in the Property Management industry, I thought Property Managers would take one look at my application and hug it to their chest in excitement! Haha. Nope!

Our personal information - our situation, our character, our values etc. cannot be conveyed on an application form. Property Managers pass on the usual work, previous living history and references to Owners – but what if you want to stand out? What if you love and want that property soooooo bad?

The answer, get actively involved in the "interview" process.

Here are some recommendations and tips to win your tenancy application AND do it as quickly as possible.

Provide all the information requested AT THE TIME the application is submitted

This will ensure that the application process is started without delay – meaning, there is less frustration for all AND you will get an answer quicker.

Write a Cover Letter

Singularly, the best advice I can probably give you! There is no better way to introduce yourself. A cover letter helps to explain who you are, what is important to you, what your situation is, why you love the property etc. It's an opportunity for you to be portrayed to the owner in the best possible way. Don't forget to write about your pet too.

Include a photo of your pet

It personalises your application and who doesn’t love a good dog photo??! :)

Attach a photo of you or your family

I know it sounds a bit overboard – but there is no better way for Property Managers and Owners to remember you. The photo completes your cover letter and provides the whole story. Owners feel invested and connected if the application is more personalised and not just references on paper.

Provide a reference from your Property Manager

If you are an investor, the Owner may like to obtain a reference from the Property Manager looking after your property. It's an excellent option for them to gain more information about your property, how it presents, what you are like as owners etc. while providing more information about you, especially if you are a homeowner and haven't got recent rental references.

Information you will likely need for each applicant:

  • 2-3 current payslips or Tax Return or Letter from your Accountant if you are self-employed.
  • Some Agents will request bank statements if you are unemployed, transitioning from one job to another, or are self-employed.
  • Current and previous rental reference.
  • If you live in your own home, a copy of the rates, title or electricity bill.
  • Personal references.
  • Pet Reference (if applicable).

It is a long process and can be a bit of effort at first, but it will be worth the effort if you are remembered, favoured and win the property you want to call home. Good luck home hunters!

Written by Michelle Kathopoulis | Business Manager |Business Development Manager | Writer | Real Estate Trainer |Absolute Real Estate. Contact Michelle today.


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