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Air conditioning problems? What to check for.

Updated Dec 2021. How do you know if your air conditioner is at the stage where you need a professional to have a look at it? Before calling a contractor there are a few simple things you can look at avoid a hefty repair bill, or a bill for something you could have done.

Have you checked the filters?

 This is something we should all do more often than we probably do. It is recommended that filters are taken out and given a good clean at least once a month.

However, if it is an air conditioner that is in constant use, or you have pets inside or it is in a particularly dusty area this should increase to every 2 weeks.

Here is a big one - You wouldn't believe the number of service calls attended to every week that are simply air conditioners with the wrong remote settings or no batteries.


  • Turning the air conditioner down to the lowest possible temperature will cool the space effectively, but this can overwork your unit, increase the likelihood of break downs and see your power bill skyrocket!
  • Anything less than 22 degrees during those high humidity days will result in a leaking air conditioner, with unnessesary maintenance costs.


The two main things that allow your air conditioner to constantly cool with a set fan speed are your mode and fan speed buttons. Auto setting is something we try to avoid on remote controls as this tends to cycle the indoor and outdoor units in and out. You will feel like the room is nice and cool one minute, and then be asking yourself if it is on the next.

Dry and Auto tend to do the same thing, which is cycle in and out not giving you a constant cooling experience. 


** HOT TIP **

We always advise to run on the COOL Setting. Some Remotes actually have a “cool” setting, others have a small icon of an icicle.


Fan Speed – This gives you the option for low, medium, high and auto. Any setting is fine other than the auto setting (this will give you a continual air flow coming from your air conditioner. So set your desired fan speed by hitting the “fan speed button” until the right fan speed comes up.


Air conditioner not turning on?

If your unit is not turning on with the remote, firstly, change the batteries. This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people never even consider this and automatically assume the unit is at fault and call a contractor.

If this does not solve the problem, each air conditioner should have an "auto" on / off button under the cover. If the receiver in the air conditioner is at fault, you can still manage to turn on the air con and run the unit until a service contractor replaces the part.

Is the timer light flashing?

If your air conditioner won't turn on, flashes it's timer and operation lights - it is letting you know it has a fault, and depending on the brand the flashing lights in sequence is an error code.

  • Is your air conditioner Crackling, or spitting out ice?
  • needs a  professional clean.
  • Air Conditioner cold, just not blowing any air?

If your filters are clean and you notice the air conditioner still isn't cooling the room but has nice cold air – it may need, or be due for a professional clean. You could also check the "barrel" or "scroll" fan. This can be done by turning the air-conditioner off, opening the vents and shining a torch up to see the condition of the fan.


Have you checked the Outdoor Units?

Sometimes objects get placed in front or behind the condensing unit, not allowing correct air flow, and allowing the compressor to overheat or to go out on fault. Make sure that the outdoor unit is not obstructed.
By following these simple steps you may find that you can figure out what is wrong with your air conditioner before calling a contractor, saving yourself time and money.  


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