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Absolute soars high as Vacancy rates dip low

Updated 31 March 2021. We’ve achieved amazing results yet again, with vacancy rates of 11 days far less than the Darwin average of 16 days! Our average of 16 days on the market is substantially lower than the Darwin average of 25 days. We now have a vacancy rate of 1.65% for March 2021. We actually need more properties to let. You can say that we’re well below (above) average!

We're proud of our team here in Darwin, and we consistently deliver outstanding performance, to our investors, sellers, buyers and tenants alike.  Our latest weekly March 2021 figures speak for themselves:

  • 11 days vacant (Darwin average 16 days)
  • 16 days on the market (Darwin average 25 days)
  • 4 leased
  • 6 new listings
  • 34 applications
  • 12 available properties
  • 1.65% vacancy rate

Our properties are vacant for a week less than the Darwin average, which is one week's more rent in our owners pockets!

We need more properties to let, and we're proud to have Roy as our dedicated leasing manager. Find out more about Roy here.

Check out our service to investors, or get in contact with us today so we can keep Roy busy!


Thinking of Selling?

It is always a wise choice to make sure you have an up to date valuation, especially in this market. Get in touch with us for an obligation-free chat about the market and a FREE appraisal, on (08) 8930 6600.



September 2020 Market Stats

  • 10 days vacant (Darwin average is 30 days)
  • 22 days on the market (Darwin average 39 days)
  • 1.3% Vacancy

We've achieved amazing results and are proud of our efforts this year! Our properties are vacant for nearly 3 weeks less than the Darwin average. That’s nearly 3 more weeks of rent in our owners back pockets. As the average The Darwin weekly median rent is around $550 per week that is nearly $1,500 more to our owners than the Darwin average.

Basically, we need more properties to let. Roy is our leasing manager, a dedicated person to lease your property (click here to find out more about Roy), and he doesn’t have a lot to do at the moment, as he’s let most of our properties.  And if we were to look into our crystal ball, low vacancy, can be an early indicator of a recovering housing market.  We’d like to think that we’re seeing an increase in demand for rental properties in Darwin. And an increase in demand can signal an increase rental prices might not be too far away, after enduring a period of rental price cuts.

Please contact us today so we can keep Roy busy and keep nearly $1,500 more in your pocket.


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