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COVID-19 & Doing Our Bit

Updated - 01 May 2020 - As the NT Government released their roadmap to the roll-back of restrictions, here's our plan for Business As Usual.

Updated 01 May 2020

The New Business - As - Usual

We put together a number of responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions in the NT.  The NT Government have now released a Roadmap to Recovery that charts a path to a new normal for the NT.  This provides the community and our business with clarity and sense of security as to what the future may hold. See below for the NT's pathway.


Our plan for our clients and staff in returning to the new Business-As-Usual is to:

  1. Open Inspections have begun.
  2. We're available for individual viewings too.
  3. All staff are working from the office again.
  4. We'll continue the social distancing and hygiene practices that we've instituted and are covered below.
  5. NTCAT Hearings will resume from 18 May.
  6. Routine Inspections will begin again in June.
  7. As we're pretty digitally savvy we're keen to continue to offer our clients the virtual and video options we've always offered.  Click here for a list of those items.

We're excited to be getting back to a new 'business as usual' state, and believe that Darwin is one of the safest places to do business in the country. 


26 March 2020

Absolute Real Estate’s Response and Precautions to the

Coronavirus (COVID 19)


We’re not ones given to panic, but we’re keen to be cautious and to protect the most high-risk in our community.  Therefore, Absolute Real Estate has taken a number of precautions to protect: our amazing staff; fabulous clients, both landlords and tenants; the broader community especially those most at risk from COVID 19; and our brilliant medical staff who would be overwhelmed with cases if we don’t do our bit.  So, our ‘bit’ is to provide a safe place to work and do business in Darwin. 


Firstly, we’d like to assure everyone that none of our staff are showing any flu like symptoms or have just returned from overseas  We’ll monitor this and ensure that we support our staff and provide a safe work environment for everyone.  


Should any of our staff show any flu-like symptoms we’ll ensure they’re able to work from home as they self-isolate for 14 days or until they return a negative test result.  We’ll also provide sick leave for them should they need it.  We’ll also provide sick leave should any of our staff be required to care for any sick family members, which will include their parents. 


During any public meetings, including home opens, we’ll ensure that personal contact is avoided, and hand sanitiser is available.  This protects our staff, the public and the resident in the home. 


As we’re nearly a 100% paperless office there are very times we require in-person/in-office contact.   We’ll move to a 100% paperless officer over the coming week to improve our precautions.


We offer VR walk throughs of properties and 3D floorplans.  We’ll encourage all our owners to move to VR and 3D in the coming weeks to ensure that you can view properties from the comfort and safety of your own home; there will be very little requirement to come to the office or meet our staff in person, yet you can still conduct business with Absolute Real Estate.


We’ve introduced these precautions to provide a level of assurance and confidence that when you do business with Absolute Real Estate you can feel secure that you’re not exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.


We wish our entire community a safe next few weeks.


If you think we can do more, please let us know be sending an email to michelle@absolutent.com.au  




Michelle Kathopoulis


Absolute Real Estate



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