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VR Tours, Video Walk Throughs, FaceTime Opens and 3D Floor Plans

We have been offering Video Tours for vacant property inspections as a point of difference for Absolute Real Estate for the past 7 years. Now, more than ever, it is a difference that can be maximised by owners and especially potential tenants wanting to view properties. We're also providing VR Tours, FaceTime Viewings and 3D Floor Plans for our clients. We’re covering all bases to make your property available to the largest number of people.

Virtual Reality, Video Tours, 3D Floor Plans, and FaceTime Inspections


The new world we’ve entered seems to have sped us up to a fully digital and remote community.  We’re pleased to say that at Absolute Real Estate we’ve been ahead of the game for some time. 

Virtual Reality

Watch this 2 minute video on what our Virtual Reality Tours of your property look like.  You don’t even need the VR headset to do them - you can view and move around directly from your phone or computer.  Given the circumstances a VR Tour would be well worth it for you.


Video Tours

Plus, we provide video tours of properties.  Although you can’t guide the tour yourself, it’s still a great option for providing the option of viewing the property as it is seen with added information provided in audio – information such as the neighbourhood, features, amenities and lifestyle proximity areas. You can do this from your device or computer.  Here’s a couple of examples. 



3D Floor Plans

We’ve already talked about our 3D Floor Plans a few months ago.  Click here to watch a short video on  3D Floor Plans and why there a must in this current climate.



More options! We can also arrange FaceTime viewings.   If you’re interstate, or unable to leave your home, we can walk you through the property of your choice.  We’re trying to make every virtual avenue available for clients to be able to continue to do business, find a rental property, rent their investment, buy a great rental property and sell their home.  We’re doing everything we can to facilitate business in 2020.


Give us a call on 08 8930 6600 to find out more, or email us at hello@aboslutent.com.au


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