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COVID-19 FAQ for Tenants

We've put together some information for tenants over this period. This is subject to change.

To Our Valued Tenants

We would like our tenants to please be assured that we understand there is a global pandemic and that we are in unprecedented challenging times. We understand an empathise that people are or will be unemployed, have their hours reduced, have their pays reduced, or have no income at all. We understand that many will feel stressed and embarrassed about their financial positions.

Please be assured that we will do all we can to help you. We will treat all our tenants politely, with respect and compassion.

Please be aware that we do need to fulfil our legal and contractual requirements too. Our Owners will require information and details for each circumstance as they may likely be facing hardship themselves. 

We ask for your courtesy and professional communications during this time.

1.                 Have you applied for Government Assistance? 

The Northern Territory Government announced a $65 million Jobs Rescue and Recovery plan to help stimulate the economy and keep Territorians in jobs.  

·      Visit business.nt.gov.au/recovery for details.

·      If yes, please provide details.


2.                 Have you applied for Tax relief for PAYG.

Here's a good discussion on PAYG variations during the pandemic: 

·      www.ato.gov.au/general/payg-instalments/how-to-vary-your-payg-instalments/

·      If yes, please provide details.


3.                 Expanded Job Seeker Allowance. 

Those without a job can immediately access the Job Seeker (Newstart) Allowance of $550 per fortnight. From 27 April an additional Coronavirus allowance of $550 per fortnight will be available to all recipients of Jobseeker, Youth and Farm Household allowances, Parenting Payment and Special Benefits.  There will be streamlined access to Services Australia, removal of some evidentiary requirements, reduced means testing and waiving of waiting times.

.       Click here for more information.

.       Have you applied for Job Seeker Allowance?


4.                 Access to superannuation

People who are unemployed, made redundant or have had their working hours or sole trader turnover reduced by 20% or more will be allowed to access up to $10,000 from their superannuation balance before 30 June, and up to another $10,000 in the period July to October. Click here for the fact sheet for more information.

.            Have you applied to access your Superannuation? 


5.      For commercial leases | Temporary relief for financially distressed businesses. 

The threshold at which a creditor can issue a statutory demand on a company has been increased from $2000 to $20,000, and the timeframe to respond to that demand has been extended from 21 days to six months. Similarly, the minimum amount of debt required for a creditor to initiate bankruptcy proceedings against a debtor will increase from $5,000 to $20,000 and the timeframe for response also extended to six months.  Click here for the Fact Sheet to read more.


6.                 Have you applied for temporary relief?

 Please be advised that there will be a need for tenants to confirm details of their hardship to be passed on to our owners – for purposes such as possible insurance cover or perhaps mortgage freeze arrangements.  We trust this information provides assistance to our Tenants while also providing information to our Owners.


Take Care and Stay Safe.

Best regards as always, especially during these times.

Give us a call on 08 8930 6600 to find out more, or email us at hello@aboslutent.com.au



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