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Important information about maintaining your pool or spa in dry season

Updated June 2021: It is necessary to be a little extra vigilant during this time of year!

Dry season is now in full swing, the days are glorious and sunny, humidity is down and the nights are cool.

There is also a good possibility that you aren’t using your pool as often because it is so cool. BUT tenants, with this fine weather comes a lot of evaporation. It is necessary to be a little extra vigilant during this time of year!

Here are some swimming pool maintenance tips for keeping your pool sparkling clean, inviting, refreshing and ready for use every day.

You do need to check the water levels of the pool every couple of days. What you're checking for is to make sure that the water level in the pool is half to three-quarters of the way up the skimmer box.

Allowing the water levels to drop below the skimmer box, or be low in the skimmer box, means that it will probably burn out the pool equipment which is a really costly exercise.

As tenants, the responsibility is yours to ensure that the pool/spa is being maintained and that includes the water levels too.

  • Check pool chemistry 2-3 times per week during the summer and once per week in the winter.
  • Clean out skimmer basket(s) weekly, or as needed if conditions exist.
  • Clean your filters. This may be necessary after a heavy storm or once every few months depending on conditions in your pool. It would be best to clean them about every 4-6 months. Just remind yourself to do it each time you come back from the dentist, or each time you change the air filters in your home, which should be about the same frequency. If you have an extra set of elements it is a much easier and quicker job. Soak dirty filters in a 10% solution of muriatic acid or a solution of TSP (trisodium phosphate). Use a rubber trash can. Wear gloves and eye protection. Be careful! Always add acid to water, NOT water to acid. Rinse until clean and let them dry. Put your supplies away until your next swap-out.
  • Always keep chemicals stored out of direct sunlight. Keep them in a cool dry place. Do NOT store acid and chlorine right next to each other.
  • Keep vegetation, animals, and chemicals (like fertilizers and ironite) away from and out of the pool. Nitrates from bird droppings and waste from animals and people are food for algae. Don’t feed the algae!

Not confident about maintaining the pool/spa yourself? We recommend calling our preferred pool contractors:


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If you have any questions regarding the maintenance of the property you are tenanting, please contact your Property Manager or the office.


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