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Property Manager Tania is a Stand Out!

We recently received this incredible testimonial for our amazing Property Manager Tania, from a long term client of ours.

July 2021 | Property Manager Tania Stands Out

"Absolute has been managing one of my properties for approximately 14 years, and at the moment I could not be happier.

The reason for my email today is to inform you about the service I have been receiving from Tania.  Although I have been very pleased with the property managers you have provided me with over the years, I must admit that Tania has stood out and continues to provide a service that is above and beyond.

I currently own and rent out 5 properties around Australia and would happily give them all to Tania if that were possible.  Tania has been managing my property in Driver for the past 3 years and apart from regular contact, she has been proactive in solving potential and current issues as well as offering solutions and ideas that improve my property and its appeal to potential renters.  I have also been fortunate enough to witness Tania's professionalism in solving what was a particularly tricky situation late last year, where again Tania showed just how much she does care about the tenant's wellbeing/happiness as much as mine.  Tania comes across as caring and genuine, and she does make me feel very comfortable leaving my property in your company's care".

Samuel Barnes - Email Recommendation


Here at Absolute Real Estate, we offer value and maximisation of your rental income.

We have a very talked about Leasing Manager! He’s fabulous! He is dedicated to showing your property 7 days a week including Sundays and after hours. This enables us to provide a service to a corporate and untapped market – helping them and helping you. Read more about Our Service to Investors here.


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