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Our Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2021

We’ve rounded up our top 10 social media and blog posts of 2021. We’re excited about sorting through all these because we found out what you all enjoyed the most. Not only is it a way for us to reflect on the year, but it also highlights some good posts you might have missed. FUN!

Top 10 Most Popular Blogs


1. But I paid 2 weeks in advance – how it works

Our most popular blog of 2021! We are regularly asked the question: “What about my two weeks in advance?” This question is usually asked about two weeks prior to tenants vacating. We explain how 2 weeks in advance rent works for tenants and landlords alike, in this post  here.


2. Easy Bond Pay – making rent easier for you

Cash flow can be tight when moving house, especially with the added financial stress of paying your rental bond upfront. With EasyBondpay you can ease the pain of moving home and pay your rental bond over 3 or 6 monthly instalments. We take you though it here.


3. Should electricity be connected between tenancies?

In a nutshell – yes! The power is needed for the reticulation, pool or spa filtration, smoke alarms and security systems. Not only that – it is crucial that prospective tenants view the property when it is presented in a clean condition, with the fans and air conditioning turned on, to have the property looking its best and as cool as possible. We take a deep dive here.


4. New pet legislation in the NT – what you need to know.

In January 2021, there were changes to the NT Tenancies act that ensures tenants can have a pet. What does this mean for you? We take you through the details here.


5. How to prevent mould in tropical climates

Mould in Darwin is a reality that tenants and owners alike must deal with come the wet season. Our property managers are pros at this! This blog walks you through clever hacks to deal with mould in tropical climates, including causes, prevention, and easy cleaning tips! Read the full article here.


6. Can overpaid rent be used if the bond is not sufficient?

Ah! A question we are frequently asked by our landlords, investors and tenants alike. In this article we explain if you can use overpaid rent if the bond isn’t sufficient. Read it here.


7. Dry season maintenance tips

As the wet season humidity becomes a memory, we emerge from our air-conditioned cocoons, and spend more time outdoors. Spending time on maintenance of your property not only gives you an excuse to get up and about in our lovely climate but maintains the property value and prevents future maintenance problems. Here are our top tips for the dry season.


8. Baking soda kitchen hacks

Here’s some clever household tips for your home, using baking soda.


9. What happens when a tenant breaks a lease?

What happens when a tenant breaks lease? We understand that Lease Breaks can cause owners frustration and financial hardship. We take you through the process here.


10.What does the Property Management Fee cover?

Property Management Real estate Maintenance Fee

Finally, coming in at Number 10, is this blog about our Property Management fees. We are proud to represent our owners with a high-quality service, focusing on communication, expert level of advice, management of unexpected situations, ensuring your property is well maintained and maximising your income. 


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